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I Am Sure that Many of You Would Like Help Finding the Right Online or Offline Business that You Can Enjoy Putting Your Time, Effort & Money into and Find Great Success With it. Yet Have You Stopped to Consider What the Set of Values Are Deep Within You, So that, if and Perhaps When You Find that Success, You May Actually Enjoy being its Master, Instead of the Other Way Around?  

Let Me Tell You, First of All, that There Are Many Very Successful Online & Offline Businesses that Give EVERYONE an EQUAL CHANCE of Finding Success. The Reason I know this is Because of the Amount of Actual, Everyday People that HAVE FOUND SUCCESS ONLINE & OFFLINE with those Opportunities. 

I'm Talking About Hundreds of Thousands & Even Millions of People Stepping Into the Income of their Dreams, Each and Every Year, World-Wide, Within Various Online & Offline Businesses!
                                                                                                                                                                           I've Been in the Home Based Business Arena (Online)  for 15 Years & Offline for Nearly 30 Years. A Few Things Are Surely True About Having the Best Chances at Reaching Financial Prosperity & Having Peace at the Same Time: Faith, Learning (Wisdom/Knowledge) & Diligence! 

When I Say Faith, I Mean Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ & in What You Know that is in Your Heart to Do. When I Say Learning, I Mean Learning the Most Essential Things You Need to Know, Realize & Deeply Understand So that You WILL Find TRUE Success in that Which You Choose to Launch Out Into, in the Right Manner. Success is Not Always Defined as Being Financially Wealthy. Yet for the Sake of Remaining Focused on the Notion of Becoming So, for those Who Can Handle it Properly, We Will Stay the Course.

For Some of You, You've Already Launched Out into Something and Maybe You Have Found a Degree of Financial Success, and Maybe Not. However, Even if You Have a Six, Seven or Eight Digit Income, there are a Few Things that Many, if Not Most, DO NOT HAVE....Which Are: 

 Millions of People Just Jump into Online & Offline Businesses Every Single Day without Knowing a Clue About Either their Business Arena, or More Importantly, About Even Money Itself. Somehow, in the Beginning, So Many Home Based Online Opportunists Just Seem to Think that Just by "Joining"  an Online Business and with "All the Help They Will Get,"  Supposedly, from Whoever or Whatever Led to the Business, that They Will SURELY Succeed...


For Those Who've Opened Up an Offline Business, there is Usually Far More at Stake Financially and Sometimes it Can Even be a Serious Risk, to be Quite Frank. Usually there is a Level of Planning, Significantly Greater than those Who Choose the Online Route, and in the "Planning Stage," Often Times with a Solid, Diligent Work Ethic, Financial Success Can be Found. Yet this Still Does Not Help the Matters of the Heart & Soul which Are at the Very Core of Our Beings!


Obviously the Reason Everyone Wants to Get Involved with Any Online Business Opportunity is Because of One Main Thing....."MONEY!"

Some May Say it's Because they Want More Time with Family. How Will that Happen Without....."MONEY?" Others May Say, "Well, I Want Time Freedom!" How, Without......."MONEY?" 

The Bible Says in Ecclesiastes 7:11-12 (NLT):
 "WISDOM is Even better When You Have Money. Both are a Benefit as You go through Life. Wisdom and Money Can Get You Almost Anything,                                      but Wisdom Can Save Your Life.                                                  
The Word: "Wisdom," there, Simply Means: "Skill" or "Wit," as in Being "Witty." In Another Place in the Bible it Means: "Living Skillfully."

So, My Point Here is to Help You Realize that Gaining Wisdom About Business, and More Importantly About Money Itself, Should be at the Top of the Priority List. One of the Main Goals in Business is ALWAYS to Make Money! Yet, Rather than Just Going Out and Starting an Online or Offline Business in Order to Try and Make Money:                    "Quick & Easy"~ SEEK  TO  TAKE  TIME  TO  LEARN  FIRST. GAIN  PURE  WISDOM  &  THEN  YOU'LL  BE  FAR  BETTER ABLE  TO  TRULY  SUCCEED  WITHOUT  FAILING  COUNTLESS  TIMES LIKE  SO  MANY  OTHERS  DO!

      Doesn't that Make Sense?

Those Who Succeed Financially Simply: Learn, Become Skillful & Then Work Diligently at What they've Set Their Heart's to Do. 
If They Believe, Have a Good, Generous, Heart Attitude & Right Mindset, They'll Also Find Contentment & Enjoy What They Have as Well! 
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